Sunday, September 19, 2010

BP 8

This week’s web 2>0 tool is a site called Pixton. In most of my talks with my fellow teachers, we agree that getting students to write is difficult. Students just don’t like to write. That is why I am excited about this site called Paxton. Paxton will let students create cartoon strips where they can add their own characters and create stories. They can create a character that they can transform into their alter ego to express their opinions. They can also add sound and music, and import their own backgrounds. I showed it to a civics teacher in my school. She immediately saw how she could use it with her students. She is planning to have her students write on current events, complete with news photos as backgrounds. I also took it to an English teacher. She saw how she could have students do reading reviews, even book reports in comic form. I haven’t shown it to our newspaper and yearbook teacher yet. But I’m sure she can use it in her publications. The student’s comics are cleared for publication.

One thing about Pixton is that they do charge for the full use of the site. I have set up a meeting with my principal to discuss how we can get the funding. We in Dare County are fortunate to have a group that is willing to fund projects that incorporate 21st century skills. If my principal approves, we plan to send in a request for them to pay the fees.

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