Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week 1 blog 3

Blog 3 response

I agree. Some things are too important to be silenced by copyright infringement. I think it is sad that some people consider money more important that spreading knowledge.

@Jeremy Mager

Stopping important historical events from being revealed is very saddening. To me history is what we all need to see. We all can learn from history. The Martin Luther King speech is one of the greatest speeches of all time. I show this every year on Martin Luther King Day and discuss the importance of this speech. What it means and how we can learn from the hardships Americans put on others. The idea is to show students the struggles of African Americans had throughout the time of America and their fight for freedom. Even today you hear of racism and this is nearly 250 years after American Independence. I think it is sad news that we hide information and that it could be copyrighted so we won’t play it. Fair use is a great idea to help all of use that want to see things and not worry about copyright laws.

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