Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week 2 - Blog 4 Missed winba

I missed Monday’s Wimba, so I will post my comments now. I watched all the videos on copyright and I find it interesting how something that started out so simple has become very complicated due to today’s technology. I find it interesting that the concept of original and copy has become part of the gray area. In fact, something that sounds simple has become very complicated due to how we can view, copy and change things. Fair use and creative commons both helps and confuses the issue at the same time.

My take on fair use is that this gray area can change from use to use. It was brought up that fair use is not a right, but a legally defensible position. This keeps the lawyers happy, but could have very detrimental implications for educators.

The thing I like about creative commons is that it gives the copyright holder some flexibility in the way they want copyright to be used. I believe that before creative commons, you either had to enforce copyright or not enforce it, but there was no in between.

I’m also glad to heart that some companies are trying to make copyright more palatable, especially for educators. Considering that most educators use their own money, or school money to purchase media, it would be nice to get a break on copyright payments.

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