Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week 3 , blog 2 Response to Anna Dooley

Reply to Anna Dooley

Your response on “Leading from Any Chair” was interesting. It is one thing to lead a section of the orchestra from any chair, but that person doesn’t lead the orchestra without preparation. In your case, you could help within your department or grade, but you couldn’t be expected to lead the school. I also think it is not possible for an interim principal to take over and lead with just a few months left to go in the year. It makes me wonder if the new principal ignores what has been done in the past, or if no one is telling him/her. To make matters worse, the old principal is still close by to watch what is going on. You are facing a very difficult situation. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen very often.

This weeks reading was a little funky, and not as enjoyable as last week but I got the point. Chapter 5 "Leading from Any Chair" hit home more than any other chapter this week. My school is currently in a state of flux right now. The principal that has been there for over 13 years was moved our i late February 2011 to prepare for the next school year where she will be taking over a school with test scores under 20% proficiency. Since her last day at our school, we have had an interim principal that takes no leadership. We teachers have had to step up and lead. For some this was very easy but for others, it was very difficult and uncomfortable. With the principal that just left, instructions were given out like a drill sargent and everyone knew what they were to do from day 1. Now, nobody knows what to do or where to begin closing out the school year. It has been very interesting watching the leaders make way though the crowd of wanderers. The students have also felt the disjointness of the school and have begun asking much more if there is anything they can help with. Though it will be a bumpy road to June 20 when we finish the year, it has been a great experience for the students (who got to see their teacher transform from follower to leader) and for the teachers who found new skills and leadership qualities that I feel have made our school stronger...I wonder who will be hired in July to join the Mineral Springs adventure.

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