Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wk 4 Publishing_Leadership Project

When I started my leadership project, I didn’t feel I had everything organized. After working on my PowerPoint presentation, I feel much more organized. Here is a brief explanation of my AR project.

The purpose of my action research is to investigate how gaming can enhance secondary education. I found articles on simulation games and their use in education. The military, business, and universities use gaming. In my school some teachers use computer games for reviewing material, but they are not using simulation games. I found a simulation game called Immune Attack that was developed by the Federation of American Scientists. I used the game in an Occupational Health class. The teacher and the students completed a survey before and after they played the game. The results show that both students and teachers will accept simulation games in education. But there are other considerations that make using these games difficult.

You can follow this link to my leadership presentation. I think you must download it to see my speaker notes.

Now I must look for a venue to present my project. I will try to present locally, but I also need a larger group to present to. Here are two possibilities. I will also check out some others.

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